Weird Al Yankovic lyrics

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``Weird Al'' Yankovic is, without question, the greatest musician who has ever lived. Anywhere. Here are some of his lyrics, taken (without permission, yet) from his albums. Most of the words have been snarfed from and HTMLed.

You are welcome to make comments, point out mistakes, inconsistencies, and original references (where they aren't present).

Here's the index without annoying inline pictures.

Food of the damned (In 3D).

Where'd this one come from? No prizes, just a warm tingly feeling if you know.

The pictures are about 1024 pixels square and around 300KBytes each, JPEG or GIF format. Click on a picture to get the BIG picture, or the title to get the lyrics.

Check out Al's autograph on the back cover of Peter and the Wolf.

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