Who am you?

I am Daniel F. Smith! Welcome to my domain. This is where I put files and photos and various stuff. I have have a web log, if you are interested in what I'm currently doing. I also starred (or co-starred) in a small wedding back in 2005.

What are you?

This is dfsmith Ah, the tough questions come quickly. I'll get around to answering this one as soon as my DNA test gets submitted. In the meantime, you are welcome to hazard a guess at what I am from what I look like.

Where are you?

I live with my wife and sons in the vicinity of Santa Cruz, California.

Why am I here?

You are probably here to find out about dfsmith (that's me!) or about something I put on here (which was me!*). If that's so, you're in the right place.

* Unless it was embarrassing, illegal or plain dumb, in which case it wasn't me.

What can I see here?

I've got some photo essays set up at the moment. Browse through them. Dare ya! In addition, I have some software I've written (though I also publish though GitHub now. Or perhaps you're interested in my past power consumption and generation?

I've put some of my short, and rather silly, movies here. The Elvis are better served from my brother's YouTube channel.

You haven't put much effort into this web site, have you?

Err, no. Um, sorry. My wife has some much spiffier pages for her web design business though.

What's the best way to contact you?

If you phone us (we're in the book!) then we can tell you our email verbally. If you are net-savvy, you can probably find the number fairly easily without dialling.

Hey, didn't you (and your brother) have a web site back in the 90s? Like 1994–97?

Um, yes. From a 1/4" tape cartridge I present... early HTML! And people wonder why programmers shouldn't design web pages. (By the way, don't expect non-local links to work; these pages are ancient in web time.)