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This is a port of Marcus Meissner's DATlib to Win32 (Windows XP and higher). It includes a compiled program, Dat2Wav.exe, to transfer a DAT tape to .WAV files. If you don't know about Digital Audio Tape and SGI's firmware mods to the (Seagate) Archive Python, then this may or may not be of interest to you. It includes DATlib-0.81 and as much documentation I can find about DAT SCSI transport. If you're not interested in the whole kaboodle, then you can just get Dat2Wav.exe on its own. (But don't confuse it with Computall's commercial version.) While I'm not offering dedicated support, you can comment on the good and bad on my blog. (public domain)

From time to time I typeset music. Separazione (Parting) is in the public domain so I can redistribute this one. It is an old folk song, arranged by Giovanni Sgambati and from the collection of Guglielmo Cottrau. This archive contains score PDF, MIDI file and Lilypond source. It's a beautiful Italian language solo piece in G minor.

sht-linux-parallel.tgz: (LGPL license)

Code for controlling a Sensirion SHT[17]x temperature / relative humidity sensor on Linux over a parallel port. It's a pretty neat device: specs are available from Sensirion. I have 5 of the SHT71 probes around the house and outside.


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