Your Reception Questions Answered

Will dinner be served?
Yes, we will have a buffet with a variety of entrees and side dishes.

Will alcohol be served?
Yes, we will provide wine and champagne. Wines will be Testarossa's own Chardonay and Pinot Noir.

What should I wear?
We would request that you wear something appropriate for a semi-formal evening wedding (gentlemen in coat and tie, ladies in dresses or nice pant suits). The wedding party will be more formal than that, so feel free to dress up more if you like. That being said, please don't stay away for fear that you don't have anything nice to wear. Your presence at our wedding is more important than your attire.

Will there be music and dancing?
Most definitely! Daniel and I love to sing and dance and couldn't imagine our wedding day without these. We will have a jazz combo at the reception which will play a variety of dinner and dance music with an emphasis on swing.

Can I bring a guest?
We tried to include guests on the invitations where we knew there was a significant other in the picture. This can be difficult to keep track of, so our sincere apologies if we missed somebody. Unfortunately, we are limited by both budget, and the contract for the facility we are using, to limit the number of guests. Because of this, please don't bring a guest unless they were included on the invitation. If we missed somebody important, or you have a special circumstance, please contact one of us. As RSVP's from other guests begin to come in, we will have a better idea on whether we have space for additional guests.

Can I bring my children?
The night-time nature of this wedding and its location makes it better suited for adults. We are therefore asking that you leave young children at home, though teenagers are okay. Find a babysitter and view it as a relaxing night out during the busy holiday season.


Reception Tidbits

Wedding Entertainment - You're it!

Clinking silverware on glasses at our reception, will only summon a waiter. If you want Daniel and Sara to kiss, you must stand up and sing. Yes, you heard us. Stand up and sing a line from your favorite love song or holiday song. Nice and loud, please! Limit one song per customer.


Copyright 2005, Sara Thomas