Tom Smith occassionaly looks like this ...

Tom Smith occassionaly sounds like this ... (for best results listen to via a Dolby Surround equipped amplifier)

Tom Smith is currently in his third and final year studying economics at Cambridge University, England. His interests include computing, ice hockey (plays for Cambridge University Ice Hockey Club and captains the development team), field hockey (Captains Queens' College II XI and Yatton Hockey Club) and watching the Simpsons and Star Trek : The Next Generation. His favourite food is Nutella, closely followed by Sara Lee Double Chocolate Gateau, Gino Ginelli Toffee Fudge ice cream and then pizza when he wants something savoury. Tom's favourite bands are R.E.M. (so much so that he's even been to Athens, GA), the Velvet Underground (so much so that he's even been to New York, though that isn't nearly as impressive) and "Weird Al" Yankovic (though he hasn't been to San Diego, he has met Al, got his autograph and been to a gig of Al's). His vital statistics are obviously not included here.

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Tom Smith
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Tom Smith
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