Pictures from the Morro Bay Honda del Sol meet

Daniel F. Smith, 20--21 May, 2000

Day 1...

They came from all over California, and descended into Morro Bay---a small city with a big rock rock, that would disappear at a moment's notice.

Of course, the most important things were setting up camp, dozing, and having just slightly too much fun with a hacky sack.

Did I forget to mention that removing the orange bits from our sidelights with a Dremel was also important?

And just before sun down, we had to go to the beach to get our photos taken, naturally.

Day 2...

On day 2 the skies cleared up, so we had to go back to the beach again...

But all was not lost; we had lunch in Cambria, after checking out clutch fluid.

And then it was just a great drive up the Pacific Coast Highway 1, watching for road hazards.