American Cancer Society

Relay for Life in San Jose

20 May 2001

Daniel F. Smith

Tent city on Saturday morning.

And the other half....

Some people got up early.

Some people took a little longer.


But Kelly doesn't get to rest.

Nor the rest of the staff.

A little line dancing will wake people up.

And get them in shape for the closing lap.


But the crowd gathered quickly for the

final raffle.

And someone did eventually

win the Visor,

...though it didn't go too quickly!

And it seems the calendar was well




Janet wrapping up.

The committee getting photographed.

These hats must be in violation

of some city ordinance. Please.

This was our dogsbody, erm,

that is Chris Handley.


Bruce says: "I'm sorry, that

shirt is too colorful."

"I think I've just been



And the inevitable clean-up.