Mounting a cheap radar detector on a VFR

First find a really cheap ($50) radar detector and immediately void the warranty by soldering wires to the LEDs.

Bring the wires (and power) out to the back.

And slather hot glue everywhere!

To power some super-bright LEDs (and to make a brightness controller for night use) I used 7407 chip from TI, and a voltage converter chip on another card.  The LEDs connect via phone RJ8 plugs and sockets.  The variable voltage regulator controls brightness.  (Connected to a switch+potentiometer from Radio Shack.)

Here's the bike... (green circle marks the mounting point).

And here are some bad pictures of the radar detector mounted inside the front right fairing.  It's secured with epoxy (to the metal mount) and industrial (T-hook) Velcro.  Fairly secure.

I mounted 6 super-LEDs in the VFR's ears: 4 red ones for signal strength (left) and a green and blue on the right for signal type.

The brightness control is mounted on the inner fairing (where the forks go through).  It's a bit tricky to turn on and off while cornering.  It works very well, but I did have to sacrifice the laser detector part.