CRIST Researchers: Dr. Genhua Pan

Thin film head design and fabrication

The project involves design, computer simulation (using commercial FEM software) and microfabrication of thin film recording heads and MR heads for submicron trackwidth magnetic recording. A new head structure and fabrication method using precision FIB milling were proposed in this project for the submicron trackwidth thin film heads and MR heads. Two papers about the work were recently presented at INTERMAG'96. The project is currently in collaboration with AIT(Akita Research Institute of Advanced Technology), Akita, Japan.

Papers published:

Interests: Fabrication, design and computer simulation of thin film heads, MR heads. Study of high Bs soft magnetic materials, MR and GMR materials for recording head application. Micromagnetic study of patterned narrow strips of soft magnetic laminates. Study of high output and low noise thin film media for high density magnetic recording.

Other interests: Badminton, tennis, golf and skiing.