CRIST Researchers: Daniel F. Smith

High Density Credit Card

(Me during Intermag 1996 finding out how Boeing aeroplanes are built near Seattle, WA.)

This aim of this project is to get about 10KBytes onto a normal plasic credit card. The purpose of this is to put biometric information onto the magnetic strip, so that it does not have to be printed on the surface of the card.

Suitable biometrics are pictures, the signature, and cryptographic public key of the credit card holder and bank.

Papers published: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 32(5), September 1996, 4025--4027. "High density storage on a magnetic stripe card" D.F. Smith, T. Donnelly and D.J. Mapps

Interests: computers and electronic, Star Trek, the Simpsons, Linux (e.g., this machine), Origin's Ultima games, etc..

As seems to be the custom these days, a curriculum vitae is also available.

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